DIY Magnet Vertical Dorm Room Garden

Are you ever restless inside when the temperature gets warm? This DIY magnetic vertical garden can help you beat spring fever! The best part about this garden is there is no limit to one particular arrangement or even a specific plant. You are able to change the layout and the plants you choose to plant as often you’d would like. The magnetic vertical garden is an excellent method to let the outside into the bedroom, office, or any other space this winter.

You’ll require

  • The plants you like (air plants, succulents, herbs, etc.)
  • Flower pots that are made of at least one flat surface
  • Soil
  • Strong Disc Magnets or magnetic push pins
  • Adhesive Disc Magnets or magnetic push pins
  • strong all-purpose adhesive
  • Small Plant Pots (2″ from Hobby Lobby or Amazon)
  • Large sheet of sheet metal

steps to make your own magnetic Vertical Garden

  1. To build your magnetic vertical garden , you’ll need a magnet surface. It can be found on the refrigerator’s side. If you can’t find any, grab an sheet of sheet metal  that can be mounted on the wall. just be sure to secure it to your wall to ensure it’s strong enough to support the capacity of the pots!
  2. Then, you can glue the or magnetic push pins to one flat edge of the flower pot that will act as the rear side of your pot.┬áMake sure you know the weight capacity of the magnets prior to gluing them in – depending on the dimensions and weight of the pots you use for your flowers as well as your plants, you may require multiple magnets or choose a very strong magnet!┬áBefore you add the plants, let the glue dry as per the directions.
  3. The next step is to install the air plants either succulents or plants. You will then plant your air plants, succulents, or herbs.
  4. Once your plants are in the pots they came from and you have them in their pots, move the pots around until you have the ideal arrangement. The result is an indoor , vertical space.

Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home in the summer months with this vertical gardening idea! For more magnetic craft ideas go to our DIY blogs.

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