Biological Science

Biological science is a broad area of study that studies the structure and functions of living organisms. This includes research on cell biology as well biochemistry, genetics, and evolution.

Biology also includes the study ecology, biodiversity, conservation. These subdisciplines are important as they help to understand how living things relate to one another and their environment.

Cell Biology

Cells are the fundamental units of life. They consist of a fluid called cytoplasm, which is enclosed by a membrane, and several biomolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and lipids.

The cell interior is organised into many specialised compartments (organelles), each surrounded by a membrane. The nucleus is the major organelle, and it contains all of the genetic information required for cell growth.

Cell biology examines the fundamental properties that cells possess and how they develop and differentiate. Cell biology also addresses the processes behind these processes.

Molecular Biology

Molecular biology is the study or study of biological molecules such DNA andRNA. These scientists study the structure, function of, processing, regulation, evolution, and regulation these molecules, which are found all over life.

Molecular biology evolved from related fields such biochemistry and genetics. It is concerned with genetic information in deoxyribonucleic or (DNA), and/or ribonucleic or (RNA). This information is used to instruct cells to make proteins which are essential for life.

Population Biology

Population biology studies how the biological behavior and environment of one or more species affects the distribution and abundance of those organisms. It also studies how populations change over time and their life history.

Some populations are defined by their geographic boundaries. Others are characterized by high levels of interspecific interaction or breeding. Other extremes include populations that are opportunistic in reproductive behaviour. They produce many offspring before the environment can sustain them.


Biochemistry is a science which studies living organisms as well as their biological and chemical processes on a molecular scale. It draws on knowledge from biology, physics, and chemistry.

Biochemists study large molecules such proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic and nucleic, as well the chemical reactions that take place within cells. They use laboratory experiments to separate substances isolated from living cells and determine their chemical structure and properties.

The field of biochemistry has been around for over 400 years, although the term was only coined in 1903. Robert Hooke was the first to invent the microscope in 1665.


Botany is a science that studies plants and their structure and development. It is a multidisciplinary field which draws from biology and chemistry as well as genetics.

Plants are essential to human life. They provide oxygen and food. They also produce a wide array of raw materials, both for industrial and domestic use.

Botany is one the oldest natural sciences in the world. It included all plant-like organisms like algae, lichens and ferns.


Zoology is a branch within biology that studies animals, their behaviours, and how they behave. It includes the study of animal parts, physiology and genetics, ecology, evolution, and other aspects.

It is an interdisciplinarity-based science, so you’ll often find related fields of study within it, like taxonomy, paleontology, or even taxonomy. Evolving biology, biochemistry, and other fields are closely related.

Some zoologists choose to study the interactions between humans and animals. This is often called anthrozoology.

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